Tools for Flash

Here are 2 scripts designed for adobe animate. They were made to help the post production pipeline on the animated series Go Astroby go !

You can find them on github as well as a pdf which explain how it works.

1. ST_StageMatchBG_V2.jsfl

JSFL command on Github

Prepares the fla to the export and make the animation matching the production Bgs.

  • Export the Swf of the original animation next to the fla file.
  • Export the keyframes informations (scale and rotation) in a txt file next to the fla.
  • Delete the camera, reset the main animation graphic’s parameters and turn all the others layers to invisible and guide.
  • If BG size > maximum stage size in Flash → reduce all the animation of n x 20% until it’s ok and add the reduction info inside the txt file.
  • Adapt the stage size to the Bg’s one.
  • Define the accurate bitmaps parameters in the library if they need to be exported.

2. ST_ExportSwf_V2.jsfl

JSFL command on Github

Exports the separated layers as swf in a folder named « SWF » next to the fla

  • The files are exported with the layer’s number and name
  • It works at any level of a symbol.
  • The mask and the masked layers are exported separately (when not in a folder)
  • Be carreful to well name your layers to avoid overwriting.
  1. Export only the visible layers
    • Doesn’t export the guide layers.
    • If you don’t want to export the guided layers hide the guide layers.
  2. Export the motion guided layers
    • The exported swf’s name is the motion guide’s one
    • If you hide the motion guide layer the guided layers won’t be exported
    • All the layers guided by the same guide are exported merged
    • Bugged in Flash cs6 & older → works fine in animate
      • duplicate the motion guide if you need to export the guided layers separately.
  3. Export a folder layer as one merged layer
    • the exported swf’s name is the folder’s one
    • inside the folder the hidden layers are not exported
    • you can hide the masks in this case the elements won’t be masked. Be carefull if you hide some masked element, they must be at the end of the list otherwise the mask will appear.
    • the masks and motion guides are applied (motion guide bugged in Flash cs6 and older)
      • if you want to export the merged layer without a mask just hide the mask.

3. ST_RtkLayer.jsfl

JSFL command on Github

This third command is just a simple tool to save time when you have to make some retake notes in fla files. It is more efficient once added as a shortcut

  • Creates 2 layers a white transparent one and an empty one to draw / write the comments on it.
  • Set the brush tool and define its colour as red so you just have to draw the retake.