HOmemade Jsfl Tools for Toon Boom Harmony

  1. Download the js and PNG files on Github
  2. Fetch and install the js and PNG files through the script editor window in Harmony


  • ST_ToggleFrameMarkers
    • Add / delete a frame marker on the selected frame.
      • Change the color by clicking again on the button (Red, Blue, Orange, none)
  • ST_ResetEnveloppe
    • select one point of the deformer then use the script to reset the whole deformer.
  • ST_emptyDrawingPivotInPlace
    • Create an empty drawing and keep the drawing pivot in place.

Homemade Jsfl Tools for Adobe Animate

  1. Download the jsfl and xml files on Github
  2. Paste the jsfl and xml files inside the software’s “commands” folder.


  • ST_FramesToGraphic.jsfl
    • Transform the selected keyframes as a play once graphic symbol. You can as an option keep or replace the old keyframes.
  • ST_LayersToOl.jsfl
    • It nests the selected layers in a symbol over the ongoing symbol.
      • To prepare the compositing stage.
  • ST_StageMatchBG.jsfl
    • Make the stage matching the Backround size and prepares the file for the swf exportation. For more information take a look at the file ST_StageMatchBG_tutorial.pdf on Github.
      • Designed for the series “Go Astroboy Go!”. Few changes to be done inside the script to adapt this command to the nomenclature of your ongoing production.
  • ST_ExportSwf.jsfl
    • Batch export the visible layers as swf files next to the fla file. Export all the layers inside a folder as a merged swf and works at any level of a nested graphic symbol.
  • ST_EyeSwap.jsfl
    • Copy the exposure of the selected graphic and synchronize all the key-frames at the current frame on the layers defined by their name inside the script.
      • Designed for the series “l’épopée temporelle” to easily synchronize different parts of the eyes. The layer names are easy to change in the jsfl file to adapt the command to your ongoing production
  • ST_EaseInOut.jsfl / ST_EaseIn.jsfl / ST_EaseOut.jsfl
    • Make a classic interpolation with the accurate ease (ease in, ease out or ease in and out).
  • ST_DrawingBrush.jsfl
    • Select a red and thin drawing brush (useful to trace shadows or posings.)
  • ST_RtkLayer.jsfl
    • A simple tool for animation supervisors. Create a blank layer and select a red brush to add retake notes.

Homemades Auto Actions for Clip Studio Paint

  1. Download the laf file here
  2. import this file through the Clip Studio Paint auto action panel.


  • FolderAlpha
    • Creates a folder with alpha to temporarily tidy the cleaned files
  • NewLayer
    • Just creates a new layer (to be used with a shortcut)
  • InsertFrame / DeleteFrame
    • Add / Delete 1 frame
  • DuplicateCell
    • duplicates the current cell (2 frames after the current frame)
  • New 2 Kf
    • creates a new blank cell (2 frames after the current one)
  • PasteOnLay
    • Pastes the copied drawing on the current layer (without making a new layer)
  • ShapeToContour_thin / ShapeToContour_thick
    • Just keeps the contour of the shapes
  • LineExpand / LineShrink
    • Expands or shrinks a line thickness (useful in case of reuse when you scale up or down a drawing with a contour)
  • whiteBehind
    • Select outside your line-art with the magic wand (the shape must not have to many holes). The auto action will create a new layer below the line-art with your shape in white on it.
  • whiteBehind+contour
    • Same action as the previous one + adds the configurable contour layer properties.
  • DeleteWhite
    • Useful to clean a scanned rough. Delete all the white pixels (more it is white less the alpha is high)
  • fillSelected
    • A simple tool to easily fill the selected areas (extends a little bit the selection and fill)